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  1. mark fisher says:

    I’m a bbtc suporter. My family lies in Plain, ride many out back trails in the area. Did sage hills on Sunday and that was all fun. My route took me as high as possible to trail fizzle and a campfire area. In the pines. On return took a left on a hard to see st just below the campfire, and this climbed more and I think I was heading toward misson ridge. Rain was in the area and some heading my was was very nasty looking, so had to head down, which was a bummer. Never did get wet out there. Reviewed the map and don’t think what I was on is shown, or I was turned around. Anoyone familiar with the stuff I was on? Cheers to the tail maintainers.

    • WAdan says:

      Hi Mark,
      I’ve ridden these trails extensively for the past year or so. There are so many unmarked trails in this area that I still get lost(?), even with my GPS (LOL). Unfortunately, you ran into some weather because you can never really get lost in this area as every trail leads you between Cashmere & Wenatchee. When you say trail fizzle, if the trail just fizzled out then you weren’t on a viable trail. All of the trails in this area are nice single & double trail. However, the forest service did damage a bit of the trail d/t the fires last year. Did you stay on Horse Lk Rd or take Homestead Trail from the trailhead?

  2. mark says:
    On this track, the routes to the far left, heading out toward the stop sign boundary, are the areas I was talking about. The campfire ring is where one trail ends up there. These trails are not on the foothills map. The ring trail could be continued along the ridge above lester’s trail, If I lived there full time. I understand going past the stop sign gets you out toward the peaks and if you know how, to get to the gulch and misson. Would be glad to do that with intel. There are the trails at the end of 2 canyon that you can connect to the foothills, but I tried and could not find that route. Looks like I visited most of the place on this ride. Also, the new lesters reroute is all fine for walking, but even going slow down it on a bike does not work, without skidding and going off trail, which is obvious. Seems there was a lot of land available in that area which would have made the switchbacks much mo better. Just my view.

  3. WAdan says:

    Mark, looking at your GPS you did ride almost all of the Sage Hills trail system. Just before (approx. 70 yrs.) You reached the stop sign/gate there is a new trail on your left which leads to a double trail. Take that to the left until you reach another intersecting double trail which you’ll turn right. Take that double trail to another intersecting double trail and turn left. At this point you’ll go around a closed gate. This is Butler Ridge which will take you to Number 2 Canyon and that trail system.

  4. Mark Fisher says:

    I’ll check that out hopefully this season when you can ride up there again. Timeline on that?
    I did wander down from canyon 2 in the past and probably did this route. When you are near the orchard, you look toward Cashmere and see the rock ridgeling that heads from the hills toward
    Rt 2. Looks, from the distance, there are trails on it. Can you access that stuff? Plenty hot here in Bremerton also. Cheers.

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